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Have you often wondered how much your car is worth if you wanted to sell your car quickly? Like most people, you follow the used car ads in the local press and jump online. However none of these avenues provides your with the information you are looking for. Knowing that if you really wanted an accurate trade-in value, you will have to visit a dealership, which can be time consuming and challenging.

That is why we at We Buy Cars Your Way have the solution for you. We Buy Cars Your Way is not just another car selling domain, it is much more. First of all we can offer you an instant valuation of your car within just minutes. We take the hassle out of your search for the right trade-in value of your car, and it is free and secure.

And this is how it works: All you need is your make, model and build year. Once you enter these details along with your postcode and a few other details. You will find that by then you have just about sold your car. We Buy Cars Your Way will provide you with an instant online valuation within just two minutes.

Not quite ready to sell you car yet, no problem. Our valuation of your car is valid for 7 days. If it expires, you can get a new valuation of your car as quick and easy as it was in the first place.


Why use us?

The benefits include:

  • No complicated advertisements to place
  • Easy to navigate website
  • No dubious enquiries or numerous phone calls
  • No cancelled appointments from prospective buyers
  • Prompt payment
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